April 21st, 2024


A few days ago I went to the dermatologist.. and they gave me "tretinoin".

I was so excited to start it at first, but there's apparently a thing called "tretinoin purge" and it will make your skin UGLY for the first 6 WEEKS of trying that cream. WTF!

I am most definintely not willing to have horrible acne for the first 6 weeks, so currently contemplating whether or not I should use it. *sighs cutely*

On the other hand, I cocheted the cutest things for some people! I'm literally the cutest fairy that has ever lived! LOL!

BTW, I have to make two youtube advertisement videos for my class. By Friday. The deadline is so soon because its supposed to be a group work, but my groups are doing nothing for me. I don't understand how people can just leave their groupmates stranded like this, then proceed to go on with life as if nothing has happened.

I've recieved an apology text message from one of my groupmates, but it made me feel worse. It was clear that they didn't even proofread their message before sending it to me, and it was incredibly lazy. I wish they haven't sent it in the first place. There were many spelling mistakes which has made it hard for me to understand what they were talking about in the first place.

If I were them, I will come to school with a hot pink mohawk and a Minecraft Steve outfit to prove how sorry I am.

Darn those people.

-Thumbledore, April 21st, 2024-